Sunday, March 28, 2010

Holiday time is here!

SO SO SO excited!!
The time has come around, so quickly, and now tomorrow we are off to Australia to stay with some good friends! Ever since they moved, 5 years ago, I have been saying we would go to visit, and now finally we are! This weekend I've been busy trying to get everyone packed, and the house cleaned and ready for the 'renters'. The girl has been busy making a friendship book for her friend, 70 pages of photos, memories and all manner of sparkly/flowery/colourful bits and bobs! She has been working on it since Christmas.  I'm going to take some photos of it before we go, so may share a few peeks. It's so special and I'm sure her friend will treasure it. There is even a few spare pages at the end for the photos of them Skydiving for their 21st birthdays....!
So I won't be posting here for a while, and will have lots of blogs and news to catch up on when we return. I will leave you with this, sent to me in an email recently, I now have it set as my desktop background, its so me! (Now try and say it's NOT you?! Not ever..! )


  1. Have a great holiday :-)
    Love the cartoon, that was definately me yesterday!

  2. Thanks! I really should be doing the final flick round with the vacuum, and maybe actually go and weigh the case so that I can begin the "EEEek what can we leave out?!" panic! Maybe I need to take this cartoon off my desktop, its a bad influence! ;)

  3. How exciting! It sounds like you're set to have a great trip :D