Friday, May 28, 2010


Winter has definitely arrived here in Auckland, so my picks for this weeks Friday Faves on Felt are all results from search words, warm, snuggly and winter!
We have some gorgeous crocheted hats for your little one by lovebaby, a corduroy butterflies and flowers pinafore dress by Cotton Kiwi, a gorgeous soft stormy skies scarf by normie, black tapestry rucksack by Hast and a soft and snuggly buggy liner/blanket/baby snuggler by napsak. My Fantail pick this week is a beautiful native birds bag by boocraft, and my pick from my own products this week has to be 'Dream' as it reminds me of hot summer days!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

New background!

I finally got around to making a new background for this blog today, but now I'm not too sure its working! It's going to depend on the screen display settings I think!
If you have a moment I'd love you to tell me what you can see? There are meant to be 3 little Pukekos on the right at the bottom, and a bigger Pukeko on the left, with the 2 trees background as a base behind.

On a very exciting note today, I heard that Mel from wildflowerdesigns has included my Pohutukawa canvas   in her Felt Faves this week! You can see it along with the other lovely items she chose on her website here. 

We are all fighting colds in our house this week. Kid 3 is off school today coughing, spluttering and sniffing all over the house. Kid 2 has just arrived home, announcing he has a sore throat, and I'm verging on a headache! Homemade vegatable soup, hot honey and lemon drinks, and early nights all round I think!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Farmyard Critters born yesterday!

I have been working for a while on some little farmyard animals, but somehow they got put aside and not finished. That is until a comment from the lovely Ute at Mumcho inspired me to dig them out and finish them...thanks Ute I'm so glad I did!
So yesterday I headed down to the printers to watch them enter the they are, once we were home and they were settled into their gorgeous new frame, which came from Factory Frames
                                                           Meet Baa Oink and Neigh!
Moo is all ready too, and Quack is just awaiting a few adjustments to his beak, which right now looks a bit like he ran into a wall!
I want to do one more, but can't decide what it should be? Woof? Cluck? Cock-a-doodle-doo was my original idea, but that's too long a name for him to be one in this series!
Any ideas?!I'd love to hear what you'd like to see along side Quack and Moo in the next framed set!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mailing list!

After my success with the html thing to get my background on here I've gone all brave, and today worked out with the help of this awesome tutorial HERE how to not only make my mailing list spreadsheet into a Google docs form, but also embed it on my blog and facebook! Go Me! ;) Lol! I tested it out myself and it added the contact details right into the spreadsheet just like magic, lets hope it works for everyone! If you would like to try it out, it's right at the bottom of the page here. Yep, its a bit big, you won't miss it! I still need to work out how to get it the right size to display nicely in the side bar and not be hacked in half when I put it there!
I plan to send out a regular short newsletter, probably every couple of months, with dates and places I will be selling, plus any new products, offers, prize draws etc and I would LOVE feedback so please feel free to email me or leave comments/suggestions here on my blog. :) Thank you!

Now its almost party time in our house, 7 excited 14 year olds are due to arrive very soon. The plan was for them to camp in the garden, but the forecast is for heavy rain, storms and a possible tornado, so I'm thinking we might put the tents up in the lounge, minus the pegs of course..! The cake is made and iced, didn't quite turn out like I saw it in my head, or the pretty picture in the book, but I'm sure it will taste great, so we will just speed through the whole sing-blow-wish-cut thing and hope no one notices the wonky flowers and splotchy icing!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday's Fortnightly Felt Faves!

My Felt Faves are now going to be Fortnightly, just because it gives you more of a challenge to say "Fridays fortnightly Felt faves" (try it 5 times fast!!) and it gives you longer to check out the talented crafters featured each time. Oh, and it's easier for me, Fridays come around too fast! :)
So here are this fortnights -
Featuring Dress Ups greeting card by tsktsk, wine carrier bag by baybags, Precious star girl's necklace by reallyreally, Fairytale Candelabra by cuckoonest,Personalized chocolate bar invitations by Fantail Digital Art, Personalized name pillowby rosycheeks and my Fantail choice this week is a Fantail drawer scenter by birdspoke. Enjoy!

Friday, May 7, 2010


Thanks to Michele McDonald for unraveling the mystery which is HTML code, I now have a continuous background! :) Thanks heaps Michele, enjoy those Tim-Tams! :)
My next challenge is to make a new background, there is a bit of a swirly overload going on here now that I have changed the header too!
But first I have some invitations to get on with, I woke up this morning dreaming about some cute little animals I want to try to make for them! 

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Well GO ME! :) Oh, and, um, Help?!

Last night I FINALLY worked out how to put my own background on this blog. Ok, so not a major achievement, but if you had heard the muffled mutterings and seen the clock ticking by as I tried to work it all out...well you would be impressed! lol! I might be able to find my way around Photoshop and everyday things computer wise, but throw in the word HTML and I come out in a cold sweat and run a mile!!
I'm not overly excited about this one, but at least it's better than that nasty plain and boring grey, and along the way I also(accidentally of course!) discovered how to make it all white so if all else fails I can revert to that! Now I have got the size right etc I can play around and make something I like better. :)
What I do need to find out though, is how to get rid of that 'tiled' look, see if you scroll down the image repeats rather than being continuous? Anyone know how to fix that?! Also I cant get my header to fit nicely in the box there. Virtual Tim-Tams and lifelong worshiping to anyone who can tell me the answer! :)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Almost party season again!

Someone once said to me, when I was 8 months pregnant with my son, "Oh dear! That wasn't very good planning was it?!"
Maybe not in her eyes, but for my daughter, who got a baby brother 2 days before her 4th birthday, he was the best present in the world! All she had wished for when asked what she wanted for her birthday was 'my baby'. As I went further over my due date, and her birthday got closer and closer I began to get nervous that I would not be able to make her wish come true. Luckily he decided to make his appearance, all be it rather speedily, just in time! 2 years later my youngest was born just 5 weeks before her siblings birthdays, so in our house May/June is crazy season, right now I'm trying to get organised for it.
I have been getting invitations ready for my daughters sleepover and decided to adapt some that I had designed to wrap around a Hersheys chocolate bar. She gave me the colour scheme and left the rest to me, she loves them! Luckily we found that our local dairy stocks Hersheys bars, so i didn't even have to change the size to fit a traditional small Cadbury bar, which would have meant making it narrower and therefore harder to fit all the details on!