Wednesday, May 26, 2010

New background!

I finally got around to making a new background for this blog today, but now I'm not too sure its working! It's going to depend on the screen display settings I think!
If you have a moment I'd love you to tell me what you can see? There are meant to be 3 little Pukekos on the right at the bottom, and a bigger Pukeko on the left, with the 2 trees background as a base behind.

On a very exciting note today, I heard that Mel from wildflowerdesigns has included my Pohutukawa canvas   in her Felt Faves this week! You can see it along with the other lovely items she chose on her website here. 

We are all fighting colds in our house this week. Kid 3 is off school today coughing, spluttering and sniffing all over the house. Kid 2 has just arrived home, announcing he has a sore throat, and I'm verging on a headache! Homemade vegatable soup, hot honey and lemon drinks, and early nights all round I think!


  1. Hi Pam,
    The Pukekos are all where you said they should be and they look great! Did you design the background layout yourself. It's very good! I'd love to have that skill. I tend to rely on the freebies others create and make available but often its not what you would prefer.

  2. I get 2.5 Pukekos on the right but that's just my laptop - I have no idea how to change the settings. I love the background though

    Hope you all get over that awful cold - it seems to linger around for a while. But homemade vege soup and lemon & honey drinks - yum!

  3. Thank you Joy and Kelly!
    Yes, I did make the background myself, its created from 2 photos I took locally blended with the plain blue background. The little pukekos are vector shapes I made from a photo I took. I made them to turn into wall stickers, but they haven't got that far yet!
    Now that I have the template size right (hopefully!) it will be fairly easy to change this, so if you ever want me to do one for you give me a shout! :)

  4. Definately the nicest background I have come across and love the NZ flavour. I can't stand busy backgrounds as they totally distract from the content. Your background is quite the opposite with the light colours and who doesn't love pukekos?!
    My laptop shows most of the big one on the left and ½ of the 3 on the right, but if I choose 'full screen' I can see everything.
    And you're welcome re the inclusion of your pohutakawa canvas in my Felt Favs - love it :)