Thursday, May 6, 2010

Well GO ME! :) Oh, and, um, Help?!

Last night I FINALLY worked out how to put my own background on this blog. Ok, so not a major achievement, but if you had heard the muffled mutterings and seen the clock ticking by as I tried to work it all out...well you would be impressed! lol! I might be able to find my way around Photoshop and everyday things computer wise, but throw in the word HTML and I come out in a cold sweat and run a mile!!
I'm not overly excited about this one, but at least it's better than that nasty plain and boring grey, and along the way I also(accidentally of course!) discovered how to make it all white so if all else fails I can revert to that! Now I have got the size right etc I can play around and make something I like better. :)
What I do need to find out though, is how to get rid of that 'tiled' look, see if you scroll down the image repeats rather than being continuous? Anyone know how to fix that?! Also I cant get my header to fit nicely in the box there. Virtual Tim-Tams and lifelong worshiping to anyone who can tell me the answer! :)

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