Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday's Fortnightly Felt Faves!

My Felt Faves are now going to be Fortnightly, just because it gives you more of a challenge to say "Fridays fortnightly Felt faves" (try it 5 times fast!!) and it gives you longer to check out the talented crafters featured each time. Oh, and it's easier for me, Fridays come around too fast! :)
So here are this fortnights -
Featuring Dress Ups greeting card by tsktsk, wine carrier bag by baybags, Precious star girl's necklace by reallyreally, Fairytale Candelabra by cuckoonest,Personalized chocolate bar invitations by Fantail Digital Art, Personalized name pillowby rosycheeks and my Fantail choice this week is a Fantail drawer scenter by birdspoke. Enjoy!

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