Wednesday, June 30, 2010

June Newsletter

June's Fantail newsletter has just gone out. :) Well it is still June, just about! If you have any problems with the free download just let me know, It seems to be working spasmodically!
Not signed up yet? Add your details today and I'll send out again tomorrow so you don't miss out!

This months freebie is this cute Chandelier Vector shape, for you to use more or less however you want.  Please read the TOU file included in the download.

I have had a few ideas for using this myself, and would love to see what you come up with! Add it to a funky collage, replace your old lamp in that photo with it, use it on invitations for your next drinks party...I'm sure you will come up with heaps more creative ideas than I have done! Whatever you do with it, I would love to see, so send me a link or a picture and if you say it's ok I'll show of your design here or in Julys newsletter!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday's Fortnightly Felt Faves!

For my Fortnightly Friday Felt Faves this week I used the search word 'pink' and found these lovely items, we have a beautiful hand embroidered cushion by unhinged, a stunning Japanese chiyogami paper coated bangle by peewee, a gorgeous little bolero jacket by hemdesign, a beautiful Handmade Scrabble Tile Butterfly Pendant from lessbythesea, my Fantail pick this week is the lovely mosaic fantail by fracturedart, and my pick of my own products this week is my Auckland Skyline, Evening Glow print.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Singing the praises of warmth!

I realized today, that I had forgotten what it is like to sit inside a house, in the middle of winter and actually be warm!
When we lived in UK we had central heating, double glazing, excellent insulation etc and just took it for granted that after being outside wrapped up in coat scarf gloves and as many jumpers as could possibly fit underneath, we would enter the house, strip off the layers and be warm. It's just how it was!
When we moved to NZ and were looking for a house the real estate agent looked at us as if we were aliens when we used words like double glazing, radiators, even heating! So, we resigned ourselves to the fact that this was just how it was. Beautiful long hot sunny days in summer, so you must put up with the cold penetrating every atom of your being for 3 months or so during winter.
We have had a small fan heater which blasted out an impressive amount of heat,while it was on, then the whole room cooled down as soon as it was off. At the same time we could practically see the dollars flying out of the window every time we turned it on.
So when I heard about the new LHZ Radiant Heaters, my ears pricked up, this was something I could relate to and easily get very attached to! I am not one to run in eyes closed, so I did some research on oil filled heaters, electric heaters, gas heaters, heat pumps...the list goes on, but time and time again it came out that this would be the most economical to run, plus it didn't hurt that it has that familiar comforting 'radiator' look, but slimmed down and streamlined. As we already have the HRV system in place, that will continually spread the heat around the house.
I was sold, it was love at first sight. So my new LHZ heater arrived yesterday, and I can honestly say it was worth every single cent!
Here she is, isn't she gorgeous?!

Signing off for now, sitting snug and cosy in my lounge! :)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Felt Faves!

My Fridays Felt something different Faves this week include a lovely Wrap Jacket from She Wears Shweshwe ,Beach Huts print by Fantail Digital Art, Strawberry hat from gawjus, Pretty in pink wellies from Retrofemme, Betty Bunny by Harpsters, Teddy Bear Hat from kutekiwi and my Fantail Pick this week is this adorable Fantail and hot pink Table Runner by sandrawaine, Take a closer look at them by clicking on the pics.