Monday, August 16, 2010

Little Visitors!

You may remember this post about the cute little Harry Potter finger puppets I won from  New Zealand Handmade's draw. They were made by the extremely talented Joy of Kazzleblue.
Well, today I had decided to tackle the accounts and figures for Mr Taxman, not something I look forward to doing, and have been putting off for some time! After 4 hours of wading through receipts etc my head was pounding and I was more than ready for a break when I heard a knock at the door...

Look who it was!
After excited introductions hellos and hugs we went out on the deck for a photo shoot. 
They were a little wary of Cassie-Cat, and quickly headed back inside.

After a little snack

they came with me into the office to help me finish some work.
At first they were well behaved and watched quietly..
but it wasn't long before they started being a little mischievous
so I let them go off and explore their new home
Harry lead the fearless expedition team as they encountered many strange lifeforms
and climbed enormous mountains
By this time they were exhausted 

and I found them all snuggled up on the sofa for an afternoon nap

so I tucked them in and went back to finishing some work while they slept!

THANK YOU! To New Zealand Handmade and Kazzalblue for my new little friends! The photos really do not do them justice, they are quite adorable, made with so much attention to detail, and just amazing! 
My kids got home from school just now and were both ooohing and aaahhhing over them! Yes, even 16 year old boy was impressed, and summed it up perfectly with a "WOW!COOL!"

Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Felt Faves!

It's blowing a gale outside, it's 9.30am and I still have the lights and the heater on in the house. So what else would I decide to choose for my theme this week other than Springtime, we can all dream! :)
Check out these beautiful items by clicking on any of them for a closer look. You also won't be able to resist having a little browse around each shop as you go, maybe even get some gifts or treats for youself along the way! :) What better way to brighten up this dull and dismal day?!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I'm so excited! I just heard that I won the giveaway at New Zealand Handmade to celebrate their reaching over 200 fans on Facebook! The extremely talented and generous Joy at Kazzalblue has made some gorgeous little Harry Potter Finger Puppets!
They are just adorable and I can't wait to play with them! The description says "they are perfect for toddlers pretend play... and just the right size for little fingers" I have 2 little fingers and lots of imagination so I'm sure we will get on fabulously! :) I may even let visiting toddlers try them out, if they are careful of course!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Sparkling Spoons

A while ago I mentioned that I was going to try out some recipes from The Frugal Kiwi Blog, including this one for dishwasher powder.
I have tried a complicated natural dishwasher concoction before, which involved baking soda and a lemon, amongst other things, but it really didn't cut the mustard, literally.

I made up a batch of this dishwasher powder, so simple and easy that I really did wonder if it was going to just be a waste of the $10 spent on Borax and Baking soda. How wrong could I be? I have been using it for almost a week now, and can honestly say we have got better results over the past week than is normal with the chemical laden 'Active" dishwasher powder I normally buy. EVERYTHING is coming out spotless and sparkling, no piles of plates that still have marks on them, or mugs with cocoa remains in the bottom dumped by the sink, I still can't quite believe it but so far the results are amazing!

 I still have to try out the washing powder. I bought all the ingredients, but I may have got a bit carried away and just mixed them all together without reading the instructions HERE  again...! I'll try and botch my way through that one next, and report back on the results!