Monday, August 16, 2010

Little Visitors!

You may remember this post about the cute little Harry Potter finger puppets I won from  New Zealand Handmade's draw. They were made by the extremely talented Joy of Kazzleblue.
Well, today I had decided to tackle the accounts and figures for Mr Taxman, not something I look forward to doing, and have been putting off for some time! After 4 hours of wading through receipts etc my head was pounding and I was more than ready for a break when I heard a knock at the door...

Look who it was!
After excited introductions hellos and hugs we went out on the deck for a photo shoot. 
They were a little wary of Cassie-Cat, and quickly headed back inside.

After a little snack

they came with me into the office to help me finish some work.
At first they were well behaved and watched quietly..
but it wasn't long before they started being a little mischievous
so I let them go off and explore their new home
Harry lead the fearless expedition team as they encountered many strange lifeforms
and climbed enormous mountains
By this time they were exhausted 

and I found them all snuggled up on the sofa for an afternoon nap

so I tucked them in and went back to finishing some work while they slept!

THANK YOU! To New Zealand Handmade and Kazzalblue for my new little friends! The photos really do not do them justice, they are quite adorable, made with so much attention to detail, and just amazing! 
My kids got home from school just now and were both ooohing and aaahhhing over them! Yes, even 16 year old boy was impressed, and summed it up perfectly with a "WOW!COOL!"


  1. Oh Pam - I laughed and laughed - you are such a good story-teller :) I know Joy will love this too - how wonderful to see where your creations have gone and what they're ummmm.... doing!

  2. What a fantastic post Pam. I really enjoyed reading it. Even my family came to look over my shoulder!

    I am so pleased you like them.

  3. That was so cute... I am still smiling... when my five year old wakes in the morning I will be showing him, he will love it.

  4. You should have seen the looks I got around here when I explained what I was doing...! Glad it gave you a giggle!

  5. Hilarious! They really are so cute.

  6. Hahaha this is so good XD I can't wait to meet them!

  7. Oh wizards! Don't they know how to have fun.....

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  9. Love it - a little bit of madness never goes astray ...