Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Singing the praises of warmth!

I realized today, that I had forgotten what it is like to sit inside a house, in the middle of winter and actually be warm!
When we lived in UK we had central heating, double glazing, excellent insulation etc and just took it for granted that after being outside wrapped up in coat scarf gloves and as many jumpers as could possibly fit underneath, we would enter the house, strip off the layers and be warm. It's just how it was!
When we moved to NZ and were looking for a house the real estate agent looked at us as if we were aliens when we used words like double glazing, radiators, even heating! So, we resigned ourselves to the fact that this was just how it was. Beautiful long hot sunny days in summer, so you must put up with the cold penetrating every atom of your being for 3 months or so during winter.
We have had a small fan heater which blasted out an impressive amount of heat,while it was on, then the whole room cooled down as soon as it was off. At the same time we could practically see the dollars flying out of the window every time we turned it on.
So when I heard about the new LHZ Radiant Heaters, my ears pricked up, this was something I could relate to and easily get very attached to! I am not one to run in eyes closed, so I did some research on oil filled heaters, electric heaters, gas heaters, heat pumps...the list goes on, but time and time again it came out that this would be the most economical to run, plus it didn't hurt that it has that familiar comforting 'radiator' look, but slimmed down and streamlined. As we already have the HRV system in place, that will continually spread the heat around the house.
I was sold, it was love at first sight. So my new LHZ heater arrived yesterday, and I can honestly say it was worth every single cent!
Here she is, isn't she gorgeous?!

Signing off for now, sitting snug and cosy in my lounge! :)


  1. Thanks for sharing Pam. This is really interesting. I've been looking at heating for when our local council change the rules and we need to replace our Kent wood fire. We have an HRV too so I'll be really interested to know if you find the heat carries through the house :)

  2. It's early days Mel, but it seems to be doing so to a certain extent. Our panel is at the top of the stairs, usually the coldest place in the house. Right now that reads 18 inside and 12 in the roof, before we had the heater there would not have been that much difference at this time of year. It also does not feel cold upstairs, not warm, but the real chill has gone. They did suggest that I have a second heater in the hallway upstairs, but finances didn't really stretch to that just now! :)
    One tip he gave me, heater or not, is to use the 'burnt toast' mode 2 or 3 times during sunny days in winter for a quick boost.

  3. Your post made me laugh, I so remember the days of central heating, radiators and double glazing :-) I love how your new radiator looks. We've got an old kent fire blazing away, we go from freezing to sweating in about 30 mins, which is pretty good :-)