Thursday, October 21, 2010

YAY a Winner!!

All in all today has been quite a busy and exciting day! First of all a friend came to collect a couple of boxes I have been storing in my garage. They belong to a friend of ours who moved to Australia, she is going to visit so will take them over.  It was great to catch up over a coffee and take some time out for a bit.

I then headed out to the travel agent to book our Dubai stopovers. I have been pestering a friend who used to live there and she has helped me choose a hotel, so it should have been quite straight forward.  Not so! After 25 mins on hold only to be cut off as soon as it was answered, the travel agent suggested he try again later and call me. While we were waiting I got him to check if I had arranged travel insurance (it was so long ago now that we booked that I had forgotten!) which turned out to be a good move, as yes we did have cover, but for a trip to New Caledonia! Lovely as that would be, that policy is no good to us in Dubai and UK! Needless to say I got him to correct that PDQ as my dad would say!

SO I left him hanging on the phone and headed off to get some mat board for a couple of prints.
On the way I thought how good 'Aroha' might look in a red frame.
As I walked into Factory Frames there right in front of me, the only one in the shop, was a bright red frame, absolutely perfect shade of red, and size for Aroha!!
I couldn't beleive my eyes, snapped it up quick and got a mat cut to fit. I'm really pleased with how it looks framed! I'll be taking this to the market at Parnell this Saturday, if it sells it will be hard to part with! lol!

I got home, and found that my interview is on New Zealand Handmade's blog today! Time for more Big Girl Panties...seeing it there in black and white for all the world to read is a little scary, but a whole lot exciting too! Thank you to the NZ Handmade team for the opportunity to be a part of such an awesome talented group of artists/crafters!

 As if that wasn't enough excitement for one day, I did the draw for my 300+ Facebook giveaway tonight.  I loved seeing all the entries and what the choices were, thank you so much to everyone who entered! I'm just sorry you can't all be winners, but watch out, only 78 more 'likers' (don't you just hate that word?!) to go and I'll do another one! :)
This time, chose number 7 - 
which turned out to be no other than the lovely Katherine of  Sleep and her Sisters! 
If you haven't done so already check out her beautiful work, and if you are lucky enough to be in the area I believe she has an exhibition on right now too!
To be completely honest,  I was a bit nervous about such a talented artist winning one of my prints, but after a lovely email reply I put on my big girl panties, and now am quite excited about getting it sent off  tomorrow!


  1. Yay... thanks Pam and thanks random number generator for picking me!!!


  2. Hi Pam! Thought I'd drop by and say a big HELLO! :) I am your christmas ornament swap buddy! Yay! I'm delighted to think I'll be sending a bit of christmas cheer all the way to the other side of the world! (truth be told I wish I could be sent too!!ALWAYS wanted to come visit NZ!)I'm away to have a proper rummage around your blog now...see if inspiration will strike!...looks amazing from what I can see so far :)

  3. Hi Jenny!! Just popping over to your blog to reply to be sure you see me! ;)