Thursday, November 18, 2010

Just a Minute - November

I have often thought when I spot a good 'summary' type post on a blog, what a great idea it is and that I must try it, but it took this post by Mel of Wildflower to inspire me to try this out. Once a month quick summary of events.   I'm hoping to continue this, why don't you join in?! For now here is my first "Just a Minute"

Reading... A Life on Gorge River by Robert Long. I actually bought this for my dad for Christmas, but made the mistake of reading the first page and now can't put it down!

 Watching... Jo Frost Extreme Parental Guidance. It's probably not right, but you have to admit, seeing kids that make your own seem like little angels is in some smug way quite satisfying! I'm always either in total agreement with her ideas for the family or talking to the TV, telling them what I think they ought to do! Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution. Love his passion & enthusiasm for teaching kids to make good food choices by getting his menus into schools.

 Loving... Summer! Long warm days, blue sky, open doors and windows with a breeze gently drifting through the house, walks on the beach, swimming in the sea..everything just seems so much calmer, happier and, well, just better now it's summer! I'ts almost enough to make me question why we are leaving summer soon to head to 2 months of winter...almost, but not quite!

 Craving... Strawberries, fruit smoothies, fresh fruit salad ...excuse me I have to go..!

 Learning... NCEA History Science Maths and Chemistry facts as my son revises for exams. It's scary how much I have forgotten/never learnt!
New things in Photoshop thanks to this book by Scott Kelby that I have dug out again.

 Planning... Our trip to UK in 11 days! I had forgotten how much organising/planning/sorting there is to do getting ready for 2 months away from home, and 2 months of other people living in my house! Deciding how far to go on what to leave at friends houses (the computers for a start!) what to pack away in boxes and what to leave out for the family that will be calling our house home. Planning time with special friends and family in UK, Christmas gifts to take with us, places to go, things to do, people to see, how to turn my suitcase into a tardis...

If you’d like to do this on your own blog please leave the link in the comments I'd love to see! :)


  1. Great post Pam - you've been very busy! You must be SO excited about your trip (apart from the organising!). I really look forward to hearing about your adventures :)

  2. Great Post Pam! And a good idea for the blog! When I FINALLY get around to completing the 30 days of me, I may just opt for this one!

  3. You are so busy Pam. Love this linked post idea. I'll give it ago soon for one of my posts. Hope you have a great time on holiday!

  4. Thanks for the inspiration Mel! Yes very excited, or at least I will be when we are on our way!
    Leanne you ought to, I considered the 30 days but took the easy way out instead! ;)
    Joy, thanks I'm sure we will do! Can't wait to see your post!

  5. Wow! What a busy life you lead from reading to craving! :)
    And you are heading over to this side of the world VERY soon?! I'm just wondering if I should mail your xmas ornament to your british address? No probs either way! My email address is me know!