Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Just a Minute - April

Time for another 'Just a Minute'

'Gentlemen and Player's by Joanne Harris. My sister lent me this at Christmas, so I thought it was about time I gave it a go. I must say I'm not overly impressed yet, but only a few chapters in, so will persevere. 

The year slip can it be almost May?!

The Easter holidays. Having 2 of my children at home and friends visiting  from Australia. 

 My eldest daughter took this photo of one of the Easter ornaments our friends brought us over from Australia, isn't it cute?!

A big bowl of Birds Custard. Nothing like it. YUM!  :)

Learning... Some new tricks in Photoshop CS5 thanks to a friend who has bought it and kindly lets me play with her on her computer.  Sigh.. One day I will upgrade my faithful CS3....I can dream!

 Planning... to keep all my accounts neat and tidy this year! Hmmm, wish me luck!
I have monthly folders for receipts etc, and have drawn up a book to keep all the individual totals in under headings. (Power/phone/petrol etc)
 I attempted this last year, but it didn't exactly happen quite as I meant it to...rummaging through a years worth of receipts, credit-card bills, statements and other paperwork to gather figures was not only time consuming, but about as enjoyable as pulling my toenails out.

If you’d like to do 'just a minute' on your own blog, or already do,  please leave the link in the comments I'd love to see! :)


  1. Lol... I hear you.. am still doing the books and I do not know what happened to my organizational plan I had for this year to be not doing this like a crazy person... and May already??? it's way too soon...yum.. haven't had custard forever.. cute ornament and always loved when the kids were off school and home..
    I still haven't even put my photoshop I got for christmas on my computer yet.. soon though..
    Have a lovely day Pam...

  2. Blah - I hate bookwork & every year I vow that I will be more organised - it never happens though. My son made custard the other night ( not Birds though - you used to be able to buy it here years ago) & I would love to just HAVE photoshop so I could learn to use it but that's a plan for another day :)

  3. I'm so glad it's not just me that doesn't enjoy the bookwork! ;) Kathy get that PS installed! Give me a shout if you need any help to get going, (or maybe you can teach me a thing or two, I can't remember if you are an expert or beginner!)
    Ann the custard was a present from my mum! I brought it home in my case, declared it on the customs form and when the customs officer read it he smiled and said, oooh Yum! Or maybe it was the chocolate oranges that he fancied?!

  4. lol well.. suddenly remembered something I forgot in the books this morning.. so that ahhhhh feeling I'm done last night is gone.. I know nothing about adobe photoshop.. but will get it on soon.. don't worry.. will be a calling I'm