Friday, April 16, 2010

Mothers Day Cards!

 Beautiful Floral Bouquet and "Owl Family" Mothers Day cards are done!
Printed on beautiful quality 300gsm semi gloss card, with a blank white insert inside. Each comes with an envelope all safely protected in a sealed cellophane pocket.
$4.50 NZ each, with free postage in NZ. Order through this Blog, my Facebook page or soon in my Felt shop. :)
I collected them from the printers today, then spent the afternoon chopping, folding, adding inserts and packaging them up all ready to go.
I'm really pleased with how they came out.  The little owls were such fun to make, I could almost see their characters and personalities emerging as I worked on them!  There are 3 cute and mischievous baby owls who sit on a branch next to Mummy Owl. The cheekiest one is hiding a surprise for her Mummy behind her back!
The beautiful pink floral card developed from the photographs I took of a gorgeous bouquet a friend gave me for my birthday. Now transformed into an adorable design with delicate swirls and trims for your Mother!

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