Monday, April 26, 2010

Michele ( Bright Star Kids Agent - Michele Riddle)  has chosen her 4 cards, so I'm busy customising them ready to get them printed and sent off across the Tasman to Australia!
Click on any of these images to see them larger on my Facebook page. To order any of my designs please either contact me direct, or order through My Felt Store :)

The first one Michele has chosen is This one, which I'm adding "Happy Mothers Day Grandma" to, such a great idea of hers, I think I'm going to do the same with this one for my mum from my kids!! :)

Micheles second choice is Pohutukawa, as a card, to which I'm adding ' Happy Birthday Great Grandma'

The third one is going to be Derelict House, with the text 'Happy Birthday Nanna'

And her final card choice is  'Dream' with 'Happy Birthday Grandpa' on it.
Thanks so much for your choices Michele, I can't wait to get these finished for you!

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