Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Frugal Kiwi...

I'm not sure how I have not come across it before, or how in my extensive googling for natural home made cleaning products I managed to miss it, but finally, and most likely yonks after every other person on the planet, I have discovered this amazing blog - The Frugal Kiwi. Not only is it full of useful recipes, concoctions, tips and ideas, it's all written so well, with a touch of humour. And there's marshmallows. Now I'm in heaven ;)
Honestly, if you do happen to be that one other person who does not have this on their blog list yet,  pay them a visit.
I did, just quickly before getting on with some work. So I thought. ;)
Now over an hour later I have a shopping list of ingredients that I can not only get in NZ, but get just down the road! I'm going to make Dishwasher powder, Washing detergent, deoderant and even shampoo..although I may leave trying the shampoo until I know I'll be home for a few days, just in case!
I already make my own household cleaner and use white vinegar as rinse aid in my dishwasher, but haven't yet been able to find a dishwasher powder concoction that did a satisfactory job in our house. Dried on Weetbix, day old spag bol plates... you get the idea, not an easy mission for even the nastiest scary chemical filled products, so it will be interesting to see how this one does, I will report back with results! Of course I could always just wash up, you know, in the sink, but that would be like getting the iron out, I'd need at least a week to psych myself up for that. Besides, the dishwasher is the kids job.  I cook, they dishwasher. Just not with the same urgency, hence the dried on weetbix!

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  1. Thanks for the mention. Not only is it cheap to make your own household products, it is good, clean (usually) fun. I wouldn't be holding my breath too hard for dried on Weetbix to be banished by my simple two ingredient Clean Green Dishwashing Detergent cause I'm not sure ANYTHING will get rid of that, but it works great for me under non-dried Weetbix circumstances.