Thursday, July 22, 2010

New product - Sticky Wall Pix!

In the next couple of days I will be collecting the first run of my Farmyard Noises animals in Sticky removable and reusable Vinyl wall shapes. I can't wait to see how they've come out!
They will be available in a set of 7 shapes, all the animals plus a tractor. I can't share the preview the printer sent me, but here are the same shapes in a picture.
The duck will be a little larger than shown here.  If there is enough interest I will do a second set with extras like the grass, a fence, shed, pond etc.

After checking out a few tests the printer did with different materials I chose a medium weight tacky backed vinyl for the material. They will be easy to apply and remove without tearing and leave no marks on your wall, perfect if you are renting but want to personalize your space, and easy to change the look of a room as often as you like!  They are reusable, so you can carefully peel them off and place them elsewhere. I have kept the outlines on these as simple as possible to make moving them easy, but like any 'sticky' surface, it will loose tack if you drop it sticky side down on the carpet or move it heaps of times. They are not suitable for kids to play with and move around, although I am still working on the possibility of that option for the future.

For a long time now I have wanted to do some Word Art for walls, and have got together a few ideas which I will be discussing with the printer.
Here are a few of my ideas, please let me know what you think, would you/anyone you know consider buying any of these. or similar designs?! Would you prefer them to come in black, or colours? What word or phrase would you like to see? I'd love to hear, as I really value your opinions. :) Please excuse the crappy photos, if I go ahead with this idea I will do a proper photo shoot for them!

 I'd love to offer customized words too, but with the set up charge for each new design it would bump the price right up for the customer as I would not be able to absorb the set up charge myself as I am doing with the other images that will be re-printed.  That is an option I'm looking into for the future though, names and your own choice of colour, font etc.


  1. Loving the farm animals! How about "Aroha" and "Family" for your words? I'm sure the princess one will be popular!

  2. Love the idea of word art for walls - lots of options. Bet you'll have lots of fun with this :)