Saturday, December 18, 2010


A couple of days ago we took the train to London to play at being tourists.
First stop was Buckingham Palace.
 Where we were just in time for the changing of the guards.
Even the Policemen looked cold!
 We walked through Hyde Park, where this little squirrel posed for us, changing position, holding it, then changing again, making us all laugh!
Past Marble Arch  
Then on to the Science Museum, where the kids had great fun pushing buttons, and exploring.
I wanted to take this gorgeous red Beetle home!

By the time we came out it was dark. After an attempt to get a bus, which got stuck in the city rush hour traffic, we jumped off and waked the rest of the way to "Forbidden Planet" a shop my son wanted to visit to check out their Anime selection.
 Past Piccadilly Circus
 and loads of pretty Christmas lights
 To Covent Garden, where Rudolph was standing guard.
 Giant baubles hanging from the ceiling!
Next stop was Trafalgar Square, where some carol Singers were performing under the enormous Christmas Tree. 
. We caught the train home, and found that my parents had got the foot bath out for me! (I could get used to this pampering! ) Perfect end to an exhausting but fun day!


  1. I was 10 when my mum took me to England to visit our rellies and I remember London and it's landmarks vividly. Thanks for sharing your adventures Pam - great fun!

  2. When we lived in England, I would go to London only when we really had to, like when we had foreign visitors to show around. Now when we go back to UK I see it through a tourists eyes and appreciate the architecture and old buildings etc! It has changed in the past few years, so no doubt you would see changes Mel - keep those memories, I'm sure they are better than the reality nowadays! ;)