Friday, March 11, 2011


It's GIVEAWAY TIME!  My Facebook page has reached 400 likers, thank you so much to each and every one of you!
It makes me all warm and fuzzy the level of support, encouragement and love shared through Facebook page interactions, I really do appreciate each and every like, comment and view. :)

SO what am I going to do to prove it? Give one lucky liker a set of my brand spanking new (so new in fact they are still at the printers, and the envelopes don't arrive till today!) Greeting Cards, that's what!
Thats 6 different designs perfect for any occasion. Each comes with a matching envelope.  Of course that means you will have no excuses when you forget that special persons birthday/anniversary etc! ;)
Here they are ;
You can see them individually, and read the info behind each one in my Facebook album

SO what do you have to do? Well you have to be 'in it to win it' as they say, so leave a comment here, including your email address so that I can contact you if you win.
For a bit of extra fun, and to earn an EXTRA ENTRY, take a look at my new tabs at the top of the page, Shop Wall Decals and Shop Prints. Have a browse and tell me which is your favourite and why.
Feeling greedy and want 3 ENTRIES? Then re-post, twitter, blog, Facebook-linkie or anything else you can think of  to promote my giveaway, come back and let me know here and you'll get a big smoochie smacker. OR alternatively, you can take that as an extra entry. ;)
If you can let me know which you have done in one post that will help my poor brain out when I'm counting entries, but if its 3 separate comments, then thats all good too. I love comments, who doesn't! :)
I'll let Mr choose a winner in one weeks time, thats Friday 18th March, at 8pm (New Zealand)
Open worldwide, including free shipping.


  1. Awesome, I love the pebbles.

    I love the Beach Huts print, its bright and cheery and reminds me of going to the seaside in England when I was a little girl (complete with deck chair and bucket & spade!)

    Also tweeted and shared on facebook : )!/gammawamma/status/45987683876605953

    3 entries : )
    gem dot wood at gmail dot com

  2. I do love a good giveaway and your cards are beautiful!

    I had a look through your shop and love the fantail decal. Fantails are my favourite NZ birds and I'm sure that having one on my wall would make me smile.

  3. Hi Pam.. sounds great.. love all your new cards.. but that rock one is the
    I looked thru the prints.. my fave is still the j'taime paris one but I love that phonebox one too.. and I love the lullaby and good night one.. (can you guess who that would be for?)lol but they are all beautiful...
    I will go share on fb.. and will mention it in my next blog post.. either today or tomorrow..
    thanks for the chance to win..

  4. Thanks Pam for the 'reminder'!! :)

    Great looking cards you have for the giveaway!!. Ooh... Would love to win one!!! :)

    Already shared in facebook.

    This will be 2 entries right?

    Catherine (Catz Handmade)

  5. Absolutely Catherine! I already had you down for 1, so will add another.
    Thanks everyone for your entries, keep em coming! It's really interesting hearing what your favourite products are!

  6. Hi Pam, nice work- Love the Pebbles very cool!

  7. Oh wow! I'm soooooo in, Pam! I adore your cards - actually, I adore ALL of your goodies ;) I'd love to win a set for my very own. My fave has to be the "aroha" card - only because it's so kiwi, and I have so many friends and fam overseas that I can show it off to :) I also just gave your giveaway/FB page a shout out over on my Pallina Designs page on FB (cos I'm greedy!!!!!). So, well done on collecting 400 fans (that's awesome!) and hope to hear from you soon re my winnings (LMAO!).

    Luv ya much :D
    Amanda -!
    *snigger snigger*

  8. Oh so cool, I would love these, I do not have a face book page. cheers Marie

  9. They are gorgeous Pam. You are very talented and I love admiring your designs :)

    Well done on reaching 400 :D

    Will definitely add to FB :)

  10. Lovely work Pam. I really like the cards and the print I like is the Aroha one. I also love the owl decals :D

  11. I Loooovvveee the ballerina - I did ballet when I was 6 and quite chubby and this is what I aspired too :-D

  12. Hi Pam, Love your new cards - esp the "You are my rock" one.


  13. Hi, what a great giveaway - I love the sheep decal, and 'haere mai' :)