Sunday, May 29, 2011

Just a Minute - May

Just squeezing this in at the end of the month does time go so fast?!

Just a Minute...May 2011

Reading... The Handmade Market Place by Kari Chapin. I have heard several good reviews of this book so decided to order it. There are some great tips and ideas in there.

 Watching... Photoshop tutorials on You Tube, and feeling a bit guilty! ;) Most of the month I try not to watch many videos etc as it uses up our internet, but then at the end of the month, when we roll over to dial up and can use as much as we want, it takes forever for them to load...! Oh for unlimited broadband! :)

 Loving... The chill in the air, that almost 'English' feeling to the weather as Autumn comes along. Sunny days and chilly evenings. Snuggling up under the fleecy throw in an evening to watch TV, and digging out the fluffy BagPuss socks! If only Winter could stay like this, and not get colder and wetter, and colder!

 Craving... Cups of tea and gingernuts!
I'm usually a coffee girl, but since having this cold and cough I've been craving cups of tea. The gingernuts are purely medicinal, of course.

 Learning...  that I need to find time to enjoy other crafts, do more sewing and altered art projects. Recently I've been helping my daughter make some hair scrunchies etc for her to sell to raise funds for a school trip, and I'd forgotten how much I used to love sewing. We are using my faithful sewing machine that I had as a 13th birthday present, it's not a flash computerised thing like you can get now but it does the job, if straight or zigzag is all you are after. The needles seem to have shrunk though, I used to get the cotton through no problems, now I can't even see the eye!

 Planning... My daughters 21st birthday party. Not that I should be, how can she possibly be 21 when I'm only about 28?! It's going to be at home, and everyone has been asked to dress as their favourite childhood character. I can't decide between Florence of Magic Roundabout, or Weed from Bill and Ben. Come to think of it tottering around in a flowerpot trying to serve up food may be a tad akward, so maybe it will have to be Florence!


  1. You can't possibly have a 21 year old daughter Pam! And I'm now going to have to look up The Magic Roundabout - think I've missed out here!! Great reading about your month :)

  2. Florence sounds great :-)
    And cups of tea and gingernuts are the best thing for morning or afternoon tea when the days get a bit cooler. Though my craving is for arrowroots.

  3. Oh my goodness Mel you are missing out! ;) I used to dream about riding that spare horse on the roundabout! Take a look here -
    Gill I think it will have to be Florence! ;)

  4. Book sounds great.. am loving my tea right now too... the weather has been so miserable... 21!! wow.. they grow up so fast.. the Florence costume sounds like fun.. have pulled out my sewing machine too.. seems like forever since I have sewn anything... fun to do other things...