Monday, June 6, 2011


 This weekend was the second of a new market at Milford, run by the lovely Annamaria who also organises the Orewa market. You can find more information about both on the Craft Market & Bazaar Orewa & Milford  facebook page.

The weather was dreadful, but that didn't put off the determined shoppers, who were all so cheerful and friendly, even though they were dripping wet and blown sideways! 
The market location, Milford Primary School, has a wonderful outlook, over Lake Pupuke and we were kept entertained by the many windsurfers that were taking advantage of the strong winds. 

My table, shared with my daughter who was selling her handmade hair accessories, bags, hats and scarves to raise funds for an upcoming school trip.

Here is a small selection of the other stalls attending the market this week....

 The talented Lin's Moz-Art table was next to ours and we fell in love with these adorable little bunnies, soft crocheted hats and beautiful clothing!

Claire of Jibba jabba with her gorgeous creations.

Ruth of RJ Photo art had a beautiful display of her wonderful photographic cards books and magnets.

These soft and snuggly bean bags from Beanz for Bubs made me wish I had a little one again!

My wall decals had a lot of interest, and lots of lovely comments!


  1. It looks like it is a really good spot & what a view! Your stall looks good too!

  2. Fantastic that people braved the weather - and thanks for sharing pics of the different stalls, next best thing to being there :)

  3. It is a great spot Ann, It's a good thing I didn't go to that school I don't think I'd have paid attention to lessons with that view out of the windows! ;) I love seeing other markets stalls too Mel, there were lots more here but I somehow knocked the setting on my camera, and all photos after these few are a bleached out blurry mess! :( Next time I'll be more careful and get some more!

  4. What a great looking market, I might have to venture over the bridge and have a wander through one :-)

  5. Oh do Gill! It would be great to meet you!

  6. Looks like a lovely market Pam... all the stalls look so inviting.. glad peeps came out even though the weather was miserable...your stall looks great...

  7. Lovely photos and descriptions about the stalls and the Milford Craft Market. Your effort is much appreciated! Thank you. Annamaria