Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Felt Faves!

This week for my picks from Felt I have chosen items from members in the Canterbury region, particularly Christchurch. Even if you are not in NZ you will have heard about the dreadful 7.1 earthquake which hit in the early hours of Sunday morning. After shocks continue, with the most recent having been just 1 hour ago as I type. I cannot imagine how scary it must be to be living there right now, never knowing when the next after shock is going to hit, or how bad it will be. If you are going to buy something special on Felt this week, please consider buying from one of the members living in the Christchurch area. We can do so little to help from so far away, but every sale helps even just a tiny bit.
Please remember that with the situation there at the moment, it may take a while for your order to be processed, let them know you are in no hurry, we don't want to cause extra stress just help out with a few purchases! :)
SO without further ado here are my picks for this week, there are so many talented people in Christchurch, I was blown away when I searched for them all! I couldn't choose something from each and everyone of them, but here is a selection to get you started -
original redflax headband – reversible, ooak, 100% upcycled funkyness! Dragonfly wrap dress by gowild, Victorian inspired Nikau necklacefrom blackswan, ' Hemi" original painting by Angelique Monaghan from wildones, Superstar Vintage Necklace by relique and last but most definitely not least, Scented mini teardrop candles – set of five from roseinthorns


  1. Cool candles from Roseinthorns. My son is in Christchurch and he got a fright. cheers Marie

  2. Thanks for including my candles Pam, and what a lovely idea!

  3. Really appreciate your thoughts for us here in Christchurch!