Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Just a Minute - February

Somehow I managed to totally miss January?! Not sure quite how that happened, but here is Februarys 'Just a Minute!'  Once a month quick summary of events.  If you are doing this too, or would like to start, please share your posts, I'd love to see!

Reading... A girly novel I picked up for £1 in Asda the day before we headed home! (Can't even remember what it's called, and it's too hot to go upstairs and find it! :)) 
And my most favourite cook book right now, Annabel Langbein's The Free Range Cook.

 My children clubbed together and got me this for Christmas. I'm not totally convinced that there wasn't a slight element of "maybe NOW we'll get something decent for dinner" behind the idea!  Either way we are all happy, I'm getting to try out some wonderful new recipes, and they are more than happy to be guinea pigs!
So far we have had Spicy Chicken Skewers, Creamy Moroccan Cucumber Salad, Baked lemongrass and chilli chicken and Ultimate Chocolate Cake. 
There was also the attempt at Crusty Flat Bread, but we won't go there. Suffice it to say, always check you actually have 1 1/2 teaspoons of yeast left before you start...!

 Watching... Border Patrol (or is it Border Security?!) Piha Rescue, Big Bang Theory. Rented the dvds 'Letters to Julliet' and 'The Blind Side' at the weekend which were both enjoyed.

 Loving...Being home! Although we loved being away, had a fantastic time, and never wanted it to end, there is nothing like coming home after a long holiday. 

 Craving... An ice cold strawberry and watermelon smoothie. Mmmmm. I've got the watermelon, might have to pop out and find some strawberries! 

 Learning...  That buidling a website is not easy, even if the software/templates etc try to fool you into believing it is!! Anyone out there with experience of Joomla? I'm seriously at the end of my tether with it all, and ready to scrape around in the bottom of my bag for some cash to get it done once and for all!!

 Planning... The future of Fantail. Whether to take big scary steps or plod along happily in my little groove! Also planning for my daughters 21st birthday in June. I have a few ideas up my sleeve. ;)

If you’d like to do this on your own blog please leave the link in the comments I'd love to see! :)


  1. lol will have to think about this one.. love all your pics.. did you find out what you could use instead of graham wafer crumbs? thanks for all your great comments on mine..

  2. Hi Kathy! Yes I think I can substitute Digestive biscuits without it making too much difference, must give that a go!

  3. I got Annabel's book for Christmas too! By far the best/easiest/scrummiest recipes I've tried :). I look forward to hearing about the direction you decide to take with Fantail too Pam.

  4. yum that would be delicious too.. let me know how it turns out...mine sure didn't last long.. will have to do it again.. or maybe not.. so much for the diet..
    I'm interested in what you're going to do too.. I feel like I'm spinning with mine...