Wednesday, February 2, 2011


OK, so I know I've been really slack at keeping up with this blog while we were away, but now we are home it's catch up time!  We had a fantastic time away, it was so great to catch up with family and old friends, see all our old haunts and just generally live life back 'home' for a couple of months. One of the things we did was spend a couple of days in Paris, so I thought I'd share a few photos ...
First stop was Sacré-Cœur 
Then the Louvre

It was amazing!
 So much to see, it was just incredible actually being there! Here is the Vénus en armes, 'a marble statue dating to the 2nd century in Italy, discovered in Rome in the 16th century. She originally belonged to the collection of Tiberio Ceuli, and was bought by the Cardinal Scipion Borghèse in 1607, where she decorated one of the niches of the large living room at the Borghèse villa. The Collection Borghèse was purchased by Napoleon I in 1807 and brought to Paris.'
The Wedding Feast at Cana. I had no idea how HUGE this really was in real life!
'In 1553, Veronese was summoned to Venice where he gave free rein to his decorative talent in vast canvases that blended masterful composition, splendid contemporary costumes, and luminous colors. The Wedding Feast at Cana graced the refectory designed by Palladio for the Benedictine monastery on the Venetian island of San Giorgio Maggiore. With masterly freedom of interpretation, Veronese transposed the biblical episode to the sumptuous setting of a Venetian wedding.'
  Venus de Milo statue of the Greek goddess of love, discovered on the island of Melos in 1820

 And of course we couldn't go to the Louvre without saying hello to Mona..!
 Just a little security around her, a glass case (making it hard to get clear photos) and a wooden barrier! I always imagined this painting to be bigger than it is for some reason.
My children thoroughly enjoyed absorbing the culture...
Next stop was the Eiffel Tower

Where we briefly considered the iron staircase, then opted for the lift to the second floor. 
After booking into the hotel we went for an evening stroll to see the Eiffel Tower lit up. This was when I really wished I'd taken a tripod!
 The view from our hotel window. There is something about French shutters and flowers on the windowsills!
The next day we took a bus tour. Hopping on and off all day to see different things.
I'll never complain about SH1 again! The traffic up the Avenue des Champs-Élysées hasn't got any better since last time we were there.

The Place Vendome had the most amazing Christmas lights and decorations. We weren't quite sure the Ritz would let us in for tea though, so we saved a few Euros there! This photo is the moment I had to finally give in and admit it. My son is now taller than me.

 Awesome display in a ballet shop window.
 Notre Dame in the evening. Again, I should have carried that tripod around!
And of course, what trip to Paris would be complete without a few croissants and a pain au chocolat?

We had a wonderful meal at a restaurant recommended by our hotel. One look at the prices and I decided it must be owned by the receptionists brother and we walked on by! However, after investigating all other options in the area, this restaurant suddenly seemed quite reasonable, so with the excuse that it was a good cultural experience for my children, and $120 NZ later, the 3 of us had eaten! No entrees, no dessert just a main course each, tap water and one glass of house red for me.

 But oh was it Gooooood!
 Here is the restaurant, Le Septième Vin, 68 avenue Bosquet. If you ever find yourself in Paris I'd highly recommend it! The menus are on blackboards, and an English version is available too, if your school days French is a bit rusty, as mine certainly was!
All in all a fantastic couple of days, which we will remember for years to come. 


  1. Oh this brought back memories! Even though I was only 10 when my mum and I went, I do remember it vividly - might have been something to do with the quantity of art galleries and museums I was dragged through! If only I had realised how significant they were! I'd pay attention now :). Thanks for sharing your Paris adventures Pam - lucky, lucky you ;)

  2. Hey there! Glad you made it home safely..and without any frostbite too I hope :)
    Oooh lovely photos...J'adore Paris!x

  3. Thanks Mel and Jenny! Mel I think my children felt the same as you remember! lol!
    Jenny, no frost bite thankfully, although there were times I was surprised to find all my toes still there when removing my boots!;)

  4. Fabulous photos, and same as Mel brought back some memories :-)
    Isn't Europe such a cool place for seeing so much art in one place - brilliant :-)